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Systems Integration

Why CommtelSystems Integration activity is one of the key process elements of our 3C Model wherein the system is built to meet the most stringent international standards and is vigorously tested for its functionality as per our customers' requirement. All system programming and configuration activities are undertaken during integration. Testing of systems at various stages like FAT, IFAT, SAT, etc., are conducted which truly ensures flawless system performance at site.

Commtel possesses a talented pool of integration specialists who pay particular attention to quality of workmanship and usability. The procedures followed for assembly of diverse equipment on to racks, cabling and connectorization have been developed through years of experience in the field. All systems are built for easy recognition and identification down to the wire and port level by operations and maintenance personnel.

Well defined procedures have been laid out for streamlined operations during systems integration, and these processes are regularly audited and updated from time to time.

Value Engineered, Environmentally Aware System Design

Our systems are designed by experts in providing robust and creative solutions that find the best balance between efficiency, safety and the environment. The systems are value engineered to minimize the "Total Cost of Ownership". Due consideration is given to CapEx through cost-effective solutions, as well as to OpEx through "green design" which minimizes or eliminates air-conditioning and other forms of forced external cooling. Also, the overall design is made uniform as far as possible to minimize the type and quantity of spare parts that need to be in stock. Our customers immediately realize the benefits in a competitive environment with stringent production and cost targets.

Broad Expertise in Various Communication Technologies & systems

Commtel has the ability to provide complex solutions consisting of multiple systems. The communications product portfolio provided by Commtel covers a broad range of triple play technologies using light switched, circuit switched and packet switched systems. Along with the backbone network of fiber, radio and copper, Commtel provides end-user applications systems that directly play a role in your operations. These include CCTV surveillance systems, EPABX (digital and VoIP based) Systems, Access Control Systems, In-plant Radios, Public Address Systems, Corporate LANs and more. Commtel's expertise lies in bringing together these multiple systems in a seamless manner to form a cohesive, robust and efficient solution.

Industry Specific Domain Expertise

Commtel has been deploying converged telecommunication systems and solutions in the dedicated networks space for the past 20 years. We understand the critical nature of telecommunications in meeting the challenges of Oil & Gas, Power, Transportation and Defense sectors. Having deployed hundreds of networks we have developed deep understanding of the domains where we operate and thereby add substantial value to our customers that goes well beyond the norm.

Involved Project & Supply Chain Management

Our project managers are our customers' representatives inside Commtel. This is the way we train our project managers and expect them to perform. Commitment to meet timelines and high quality on agreed deliverables is paramount for our project managers. Multiple system deliveries call for having highly efficient skills in managing multi-location supply chain. Over the years we have built skills and relationships which help us meet our customer expectations all the time.

Ensuring extreme reliability where mission safety is critical

Commtel's advanced telecommunications network products and services are specifically engineered for mission critical applications to meet a variety of environmental operating conditions and also local and international standards.

With advanced engineering and technology capabilities, Commtel's key attribute is to engineer and deploy converged networks providing voice, data and video services in vital environments. Based on the operating and environmental conditions, appropriate equipment of proven high reliability, industrial-grade and certified for safe use are incorporated into the solutions provided by us. Being acutely aware of the crucial nature of every application, Commtel goes all out to ensure extreme reliability, value for money and support for many years beyond commissioning.

Training on System Operations

We provide customized training to customers on the systems deployed by us. Project specific training courses help the customers' personnel to understand and operate the various elements of the network that are essential for day-to-day functioning. These system-wise training modules include both theory and hands-on practical sessions. Refresher courses are also conducted upon request.

24 x 7 Maintenance and System Lifecycle Support

Our customers empower the infrastructure of nations and need a dependable partner to support uninterrupted daily operations. Maximizing network availability is of utmost criticality for essential services like SCADA, phone communications and CCTV for surveillance. Commtel's systems specialists are just a phone call or a click away. They provide support ranging from routine operational trouble-shooting to emergency support, through the lifecycle of the system. Based on customer requirements, various SLA-based support services are available.

Our Customers & Credentials

Commtel, for the past two decades, has provided its customers customized digital technology solutions meeting their complex business needs. Our relentless pursuit in delivering next-gen engineering solutions has won us customers for life.

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