Who We Are

Who we areWe are all about communication. We create the most conducive environment for multiple networked systems to converse.

Commtel Networks has been in business since 1998 and growing at an average rate of 40% for the past 20 years.

We are a company providing advanced engineering and digital technology solutions focused in Oil & Gas, Power, Transportation, Mining and other related sectors delivering high performance converged communication and surveillance systems globally.

Commtel builds converged telecommunication networks which are dedicated in nature for voice, video surveillance, data and ethernet traffic over optical fiber, radio or copper links. While designing entire network architecture we remain cognizant of the fact that our systems meet all international standards of operation, are market proven and tested for years, making them ultra-reliable, secure and value for money. Our goal is also to ensure seamless communication between multiple networked systems.

We have innovatively built specialties in the areas of Systems Design, Engineering, Integration, Implementation, Involved Project Management and Multi Location Supply Chain Management as well as a 24x7 support center.

Commtel´s advanced telecommunications network products and services are specifically engineered for mission critical applications to meet a variety of environmental operating conditions and also local and international standards.

Being acutely aware of the crucial nature of every application, Commtel goes all out to ensure extreme reliability, value for money and support for many years beyond commissioning.

Significance of our Logo

commtel networks

Commtel's logo represents a bold red universe embodying endless solutions, spiraling into 3C's to encompass Conceptualize, Construct and Care, depicting the inherent and effective delivery model.

Commtel's forceful form reaches out to networks beyond boundaries with the promise of providing Competent, Dependable and Sustainable solutions for our customers. It expresses rapid evolution, both inward and outward, in every aspect. Commtel is ready to partner all its stakeholders better than ever before and meet the challenges of the future. Two semi spheres held at specific angles accompanying a solid red sphere signify Commtel's core philosophy- the 3C Engagement Model. Commtel logo also draws inspiration from the rising sun and its varied hues and moods.

The clockwise movement in the logo is indicative of perennial evolution and also signifies dynamic momentum. The symbol projects a continuous state of endeavor, innovation and motivation also suggesting a disciplined and organized approach in the development of new ideas and solutions. The logo represents in entirety, the breadth of offerings that Commtel would deliver to its customers with an all encompassing approach.

Our Customers & Credentials

Commtel, for the past two decades, has provided its customers customized digital technology solutions meeting their complex business needs. Our relentless pursuit in delivering next-gen engineering solutions has won us customers for life.

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TechCare - 24x7 Tech Support
Commtel TechCare

'TechCare', an acronym for 'technical care', is a distinct service which is targeted at addressing customer needs at an unparalleled personal level.

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