Solutions We Provide

Commtel is a specialist turnkey provider of converged communication, surveillance, safety and customized applications solutions to customers across a wide range of sectors.

We build dedicated converged telecommunication networks, for voice, video surveillance, data and Ethernet IP traffic over optical fibre, radio or copper links, for our customers in the Oil & Gas, Power, Transportation, Mining and related sectors. We also provide in-plant communication systems for monitoring and control of equipments, processes and facilities.

Customer sectors for such dedicated networks include companies such as refineries, pipelines, power generation and transportation, railways, highways, defense establishments, etc., which usually have to establish dedicated networks.

We have been the preferred solutions provider in key infrastructure markets for 20 years, for the sole reason that our customers witness ingenuity in the most basic applications to innovation at the highest levels.

Commtel's expertise is in strategic planning, establishing functional specifications, system designing, technology & equipment selection, systems integration, system installation, testing, commissioning, training, support and maintenance.

Our strength lies in complex multi-system integration of highly engineered systems for mission-critical applications requiring safe and reliable operation in demanding environments. The systems are designed to withstand and function even in anticipated emergency conditions which may be encountered in these sensitive operations.

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