Professional Services

Technical Consulting Services

Working with the design team of our customers we identify their functional requirement and tailor a solution which meets the requirement to its fullest. Having engineered systems for various applications in the Energy and Hi-Tech sector, we possess substantial skills to evaluate and recommend technology which most suits the functional requirements for telecommunications and surveillance.

The networks in Oil & Gas, Power, Transportation and Defense sectors carry mission critical data and hence the system architecture design at the planning stage plays a very vital role. Having a system architecture which is resilient and provides very high availability is of paramount importance. It is the in-depth understanding of these requirements within Commtel which enables us to recommend our customers with Systems Architectures that are resilient and provide very high availability. As part of these services, we provide comprehensive solution plans for integrated telecommunications and/or surveillance systems, including design options, product evaluations and recommendations, and project implementation methodologies.

Design Engineering Services

Commtel also provides specialized and detailed engineering services. These services are utilized by the end-users of the network as part of turnkey solutions, as well as by EPCs and PMCs who turn to Commtel for telecommunications and surveillance systems design.

Under these services, our design team prepares complete Front End Engineering Design (FEED) packages covering telecommunications and allied systems. We undertake jobs to determine the size and scope of networks, evaluate and recommend various technology options, propose suitable architectures based on the specific needs of the customer and formulate specifications of the equipment.

Our design team has a vast database of standard functional, architectural, layout, mechanical and electrical drawings which can be quickly customized for unique project design needs. The importance of the design phase is in anticipating and accounting for operational requirements at the conceptualization stage itself. With our extensive familiarity in the domains in which we operate, we are able to identify and incorporate required features to a high degree of detail which less experienced designers may overlook, while at the same time dropping unnecessary features thereby enabling our customers to manage their project costs effectively.

Along with the design documents and drawings, we also chart out project execution methodology, progress reporting practices, quality assurance plans, acceptance criteria and HSE procedures.

Technology Platform Evaluation

Under this service, we directly help our customers evaluate the suitability of new technologies and products before their full-fledged deployment. In situations where customers see a genuine need but are hesitant to adopt new technologies for various reasons such as lack of familiarity or interworking issues with existing systems, Commtel will perform an evaluation of the new platform under realistic conditions. This could be in the form of a stand-alone lab demo, a limited period field trial, or integrated testing with existing systems.

Some instances where this can be useful:
list style Upgradation of existing transmission system to new networking technologies
list style Capacity enhancement to accommodate increasing bandwidth requirement
list style Evaluating new video monitoring software with advanced analytic features
list style Integration of access control systems into existing surveillance system
list style Utilisation of existing fibre infrastructure for optical intrusion detection or leak detection

The evaluation plan will be drawn up by working closely with you as our customer so that you can assess and take an informed decision on the suitability of the new platform for your operations.

Gap Analysis

Technology is ever evolving and so are the needs and requirements of our customers and hence it is incumbent on the technology team at Commtel to be on top of the latest trends and development in the industry. Our offering under this segment involves working with our customer on the inside to understand the functional requirement and review the existing system infrastructure. On thorough and detailed analysis of the gap from the latest to the existing, our technology team can provide our customers with a detailed strategic report on path forward.

We perform gap analysis for Telecom Systems and Voice/Video Infrastructure.

We specialize in performing detailed studies of existing telecom infrastructure and provide options for expanding the services and capabilities of the existing network through innovative changes in network equipment and design.

For example, we explore the option of increasing the bandwidth of legacy optical networks by several fold simply through the installation of newer cards that fit into the existing sub-rack, rather than replacing the entire node. Similarly, newer Ethernet services can be carried over legacy networks through simple upgrades.

In case of expansion of existing networks, such as spurs or new links due to growing customer needs, we can provide for new network equipment that blends into the existing architecture. The newer elements of the network are seamlessly and transparently integrated into the existing network.

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