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Commtel offers telecommunications systems and services for Generation Stations, Transmission and Distribution, Wind & Solar Energy and Marketers and Traders

Power Generation Solutions

With our strong capability in providing integrated solutions, we provide complete plant-communication systems for power plants and distribution stations. The integrated solution comprises voice communication through EPABX, VoIP and captive radio, video for surveillance and process monitoring, public address systems and the entire gamut of data communications. Power Generation companies need robust communication systems for SCADA, voice communications, tele-protection and metering. For instance, supervision and control of a dam and switchyard in a hydroelectric power plant is done remotely from a control center. Sub-station automation and metering applications are other areas of applications requiring control systems and high-speed communications infrastructure. Being acutely aware of the crucial nature of every application, Commtel goes all out to ensure end to end solutions that address all the essential communication needs of its customers.

Transmission and Distribution Solutions

With recent advances in Smart Grid technologies, the importance of telecom systems in improving the efficiency, reliability, safety and quality of power delivery is more than ever before. Commtel has extensive experience in deploying highly reliable dual redundant systems for uninterrupted operations. High Voltage Transmission Lines also require control and monitoring systems across a distribution network. High speed tele-protection systems are crucial for quickly isolating faults in a distribution network and preventing damage to vital equipments at the power plants and stations. With our expertise in critical network architecture, we have designed and deployed communication networks for power companies along alternate paths to increase availability.

We have deployed overhead Optical Ground-Wire (OPGW) and buried optical fiber based high-speed communication systems which are suited for operation under high voltage conditions since they are immune to electromagnetic interference. For sections where cables cannot be laid due to land-use restrictions or unfavourable topology, we have deployed microwave communication links.

Our expertise does not end with designing, building and installation of these systems. We have undertaken network maintenance contracts for vital power supply companies with 99.99% uptime assurance.

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