The mining industry has its unique telecommunication needs. One example is the provision of a fiber optic communication link and associated systems for an iron-ore slurry pipeline. Another scenario is providing radio communication for field-personnel across the extended area of mine-land, both over the ground and underground. In the case of coal mines, it is important to use intrinsically safe equipment in environments susceptible to natural gas. Another issue is degraded transmission of radio signals. A third issue is maintenance of communication links in case of cable-breaks arising in disaster situations. Reliable communication between workers inside mines and those outside is of paramount importance.

Commtel Networks provides integrated communication solutions tailored to individual mining operations, ranging from converged fiber optic transmission systems, leaky waveguide systems, private radio networks, VoIP, public address systems, RFID and surveillance systems. Starting from the initial assessment of requirements and designing all the way up to commissioning and beyond, Commtel offers complete solutions both for greenfield projects as well as upgrades such as addition of new functionalities to existing systems or expansion of operations.

Defense and Critical Infrastructure

The unique telecommunication and surveillance requirements in the defense sector often requires the development of dedicated solutions that are dependable and tactically deployable in war-time, during peace-time and also for disaster rescue operations including country rebuilding.

Critical infrastructure refers to processes, systems, facilities, technologies, networks, assets and services essential to the health, safety, security of any country. These are the networks used by Police, Fire Brigades, Ambulance and Emergency Service Operators. Disruptions of critical infrastructure could result in catastrophic loss of life and can adversely impact an economy.

Commtel possesses the expertise to provide advanced digital engineering solutions using globally accepted and tested products, as well as their integration with defense-specific and critical network elements. Our strategy is to understand the evolving needs of our customers and provide value added solutions to meet their most stringent requirements.

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