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'TechCare', an acronym for 'technical care', is a distinct service which is targeted at addressing customer needs at an unparalleled personal level. TechCare derives its essence and meaning from the 'Care' element of Commtel's 3C engagement model, ensuring absolute delivery capabilities pertaining to Technical Care services.

TechCare, an integral part of our Care and Sustenance Group, defines the way we engage with our customers providing post-sales services to our valued customers which goes beyond general maintenance and fault finding. TechCare through its dedicated 24x7 TECHCARE SUPPORT CENTRE aims at providing effective management and expeditious resolution of a customer's technical complaints on a one to one level.

TechCare offerings that helps us serve our customers in the best possible manner are as indicated below:

TechCare Customer Interface Portal

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The dedicated TechCare Customer Interface Portal is an electronic interactive platform which provides our customers the ability to log-in the faults directly and review status of the faults online. Commtel has pooled its years of experience to build this portal which provides easy access to all the documents needed during the operations and maintenance phase of the equipment. This portal also acts as a central repository of all the system documents as well as equipment manuals.

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24x7 TechCare Support Centre

TechCare's 24x7 support service provides its customers' technical and operational staff with the assistance needed to resolve problems that may occur in the daily operations of the End-User's network. This support is provided via telephone or an e-mail, uninterrupted on a 24x7 basis.

Annual Maintenance Contract

One of the high points of Commtel's end-to-end solution entails providing annual maintenance services to its customers in a two pronged step. Corrective maintenance is provided on-site by deputing an expert systems specialist on request from the customer, for resolving system faults or failures for minor trouble-shooting as well as for emergencies affecting their operations.

Preventive measures are undertaken at pre-defined intervals, during which various tests and health checks are performed on the system in a prescribed format approved by the customer. Investing in prevention of failure, rather than living with its consequences, indeed makes a substantial difference.

R&R & Spare Management

Repair and Return service is a solution for managing hardware failures, which requires a unit with the same serial number to be returned back from repair centre. Commtel has established processes to handle the repair and return of faulty units. We can also offer advance unit swap service as part of the spares management process for major breakdowns enabling early replacement of the faulty units.

24x7 Remote Monitoring

This unique offering enables our customers to reduce their operational and maintenance staff. TechCare team will monitor the customer's network on 24x7 basis from its own Network Operational Centre (NOC) and provide SLA based support services. The TechCare customer interface portal ensures easy tracking and management of faults. Our goal is to reduce downtime and assist in bringing the system back online as quickly as possible in case of a failure.

System Upgrades

Commtel's technical solutions team is always challenged with a situation on how to protect the existing investment of the customer and still have the latest technological solutions in their network. Our technical solutions team has always accepted such challenges and has provided customers with solutions that duly address and meet their requirements. Ensuring smooth transition to new technology or adding new functionality to the existing products are key elements of system upgrade services offered by TechCare.

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